Discover how classy escorts are found in Amsterdam

March 22nd, 2019

A few years ago on a trip to Amsterdam, I was lucky enough to meet a very exciting milf escort that showed me what living life really meant. She was so full of life and trust me it was very infectious. She had such a bright outlook on life and every moment that I spent with her I cherished. When it came time to leave I really had trouble pulling myself away from her. I wanted to have that experience over and over again and soon enough I will.

Not only am I returning to Amsterdam but I am making this a month long trip so I can really enjoy all the sights, sounds, and of course the pleasures of the full red light district. I still laugh whenever my friends ask me is prostitution legal in the Netherlands? I’m like… not only is it legal but it is also highly regulated. De Wallen as it is known is the largest red light district in the Netherlands and trust me I’ll be spending much of my time there.

I hold out hope that my milf escort amsterdam and I will cross paths once again but in reality even if it doesn’t eventuate it’s not like I’m not going to have loads of other milfs to choose from. This is going to be the best month of my life and there are just a few short days now before I’ll be touching down in Amsterdam and making the most of my time there in pure style!