Please Bang My Wife

September 16th, 2010


Do you know what a cuckold husband is? He is a guy that gets off by watching his wife have sex. Some guys either tie it to good feelings and enjoy their wife’s pleasure or they quite possibly tie it to an overbearing mother, sick, festering, psychological problem and they hate it… But they do it anyway…

Please Bang My Wife doesn’t discriminate and they take cuckold husbands of all shapes and sizes. The wives, however, have to be fucking insanely gorgeous MILF!

Even if you have no interest in being a cuckold husband you have to admit you have fantasized about banging at least a few of your friend’s wives. Trust me, banging one of them won’t make your life any easier so keep that sort of thing in fantasyland here at Please Bang My Wife and leave the real stuff to Jerry Springer wanna-bees!

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My Friends Hot Mom

September 16th, 2010


A grew up in a predominately white, middle class suburb in California. You could say that my life was pretty bland and basically… well.. white!

Then some Mexican neighbors moved in and really spiced things up a bit. They always partied, BBQ’d and really got things buzzing. I quickly became friends with their son and spent a lot of time at their pad.

One day my buddy wasn’t home and his mom answered the door in a nighty and some see-thru panties. I tried my hardest not to stare at her mons while I enquired if her son was around, but it was impossible!

She invited me in and had me sit down on the couch while she locked the door. I thought that was weird… Why is she locking the door? The next thing I know she straddles me,  smothering me with her humongous tits!

While I had my fare share of MILF fantasies about this woman it was bazaar having her attack me like some cougar bitch. It wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t want to fuck her, Latin women get what they want and let you know they are getting it with a tone that says, "Play along or I will cut your heart out, gringo!"

Before long I had this Latin MILF bent over the couch while I plunged my cock deep in her snatch. She reached behind herself and grabbed my cock, pulled it out of her pussy and then put it against her butthole.

"Keep going!" She commanded.

This was my first time fucking a chick anally and I have to say, it was pretty damn nice! I felt her rubbing her clit while I drove my cock six inches up her backside and pretty soon her rectal muscles let me know she was orgasming. I took this to be my cue to do the same and shot some fiery jizz into her bum!

Since then every time my buddy goes to work or to college I head on over to his pad to bang the shit out of My Friends Hot Mom. Literally!

MILF Thing

September 16th, 2010


Got a thing for MILF? Good, because the ladies at MILF Thing have a thing for you too. If you prefer MILF because you have been a bad boy and need a proper spanking these are the women to do it. They don’t want excuses or to hear your whiny little bitch voice… get’ch yer cock out and pay them some homage!

Famous MILF : Pamela Anderson

September 16th, 2010


People can talk shit all they want to, and they usually do, but I have to say, Pamela Anderson is one smoking hot MILF! I mean, growing up their were plenty of MILF in my life from my best friend’s mom to an older cousin (hey, I grew up in a small town!), but none of them even compare to Pamela!

Famous MILF is filled with hot MILF pictures and dirty sex tapes of MILF looking salaciously sexy. Sometimes a nipple slips, other times the skirt flips up – sometimes they are in a bikini and often they are 100% completely naked!

Whether your favorite piece of MILF ass was in a steamy movie, lost a stolen sex tape or was just photographed wearing only a millimeter of fabric to cover that hot MILF snatch and those delicious MILF titties…

 Famous MILF has her!