Just Giving The MILF A Bone

January 19th, 2014

Amateur Milf Hard Cock Suck

When MILF sites began to get popular I was amazed at how quickly they caught fire. It seemed that everybody wanted to fuck a woman with kids. Previously women in porn stopped making movies right around their thirty-fifth birthday. Even then they had to be exceptionally fit and looking young. Now women create porn well into their eighties!

Right after MILF caught fire the point of view (POV) method of shooting porn also became a pornographic phenomenon. It was like having a bitch suck your cock. You could feel yourself grabbing those hips and thrusting forward until you were balls deep in some snatch.

Mom POV aims to marry those two hot niches into one hot shot that is sure to hit it’s mark. Now you can imagine with great accuracy what it would be like to feed your best friend’s mom your sperm. Careful though. Wouldn’t want to become his dad, or worse, fuck his grandma and have your kid become his uncle!

Pussy Fingering POV Porn Games

January 4th, 2014

Pussy Fingering POV Porn Games

I have heard that there is no such thing as a tight pussy MILF. I say bullshit. If there isn’t why am I watching this hot blonde MILF getting her pussy fingered at VirtualPornstars.com? There are lots of MILF with tight vaginas. You just need to find the ones that got a C-section!

Virtual Pornstars has a new video system that turns the hottest porn DVDs into the hottest porn games you can play online. While you play you get options like pussy fingering or watching blowjob porn. While the game plays out you can keep making changes like flipping a bitch over for some anal or slapping her titties. It is pretty wacky.

Once you get done with a video you can go back and watch it again and again without seeing the same movie twice. This is way better than buying DVDs and getting only one good scene. This makes them all good scenes!