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October 28th, 2018

When you look for a stellar porn deal, you look for quality, quantity, and variety, right? Who wants 57 bonus sites if they’re all filled with Whoopi Goldberg look-alikes? (Wait, did I just invent a new porn genre?) You know you only want the best fuck for your buck.

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How to meet more aged cougars and come out as a winner

October 8th, 2018

Exactly like with other things in life, you can either take action like a champion or fall flat on your face like a total loser. This really is merely yet another way of saying that there surely is the right way and an incorrect way to do things. Unfortunately, for some guys, as it pertains to looking to meet old cougars they often do things in an exceedingly unnecessarily not to mention difficult way. This can be too bad since it does not have to be this way if you use a good cougar dating site like CougarSexDating.

Almost always there are more ways than one way to skin a cat. Some take the easy way and others prefer more of a challenge. I know what way I would be choosing. Do you like to make life more difficult than it needs to be? or are you going to fly through life and score cougar sex at any chance you can get? If you are looking to work out how to meet elderly cougars such as the winner in the picture above, focusing on the following is most certainly going to help.

Build a killer profile

This assumes you’ve signed up with the right website which allows one to meet aged cougars who want to meet younger men for sex. Because you’ve joined up with that website, don’t expect that you’ll automatically score a message from a bunch of horny cougar women. It just doesn’t work like that. Make your profile stand out, if it just says something along the lines of "big cock looking for cougar sex", women are just going to look at it and move on. They want to see a more personal side to you and they also want to see that you’ve at least made an effort.

Play the volumes game

If you want to meet a cougar for NSA sex you’ve got to put yourself out there. Don’t just expect to send one message out and in return she will be begging for you to let her suck your cock. Do the numbers and send as many messages as you can, surely a few of them will reply and maybe, just maybe you’ll score that much deserved cougar pussy.

There’s more to a cougar than meets the eye.

Because of superstars like Madonna, guys are getting more and more attracted to the thought of cougar dating. No longer is it a cliché to want to date an older women. No longer will a women walking down the street with a much younger man draw so much unwarranted attention. It is accepted and as long as you’ve got a taste for it there’s plenty of mature women waiting for you to contact them.

It does lead to a fairly easy and quite sluggish narrative to just say these cougars are just looking for better love making with more radiant men. But you can find there’s more to it than that. Actually, if you’re considering it from a solely sociological perspective, there are a lot of power shifts between the sexes. For the longest time now, it was properly suitable, and even motivated, for more aged men to run after after young cougars. However, as soon as older cougars began participating in the same and widely accepted practice, suddenly there was something amiss with them doing it. Fortunately, we’re well and truly over those double standards, that hypocrisy still manages to make my blood boil.

Endurance is important, but……..

It’s important that you have the energy to keep up with that smoking hot cougar. Quite simply, you will need to keep pumping her for an extended period of time, she might even require a second round even though the first has just ended. You must recognize that cougars are able to climax multiple times. Some men can barely hold back a cumshot after looking at a naked woman. It think it really comes down to pacing yourself, don’t go for the short, fast race. You’ve got to be there at the end when the moment really counts.

Rigidity is important, but…..

It is important that you bring a great deal of wood when you light the fire at Not only will you need to stoke it multiple times, you’ll also need to check it in the morning to make sure that the leftover ambers are not looking for more!

The Hottest New Trend In Porn

October 1st, 2018

Virtual Reality is the new craze and this site is up to date with the action. If you’re unfamiliar with what this is you’ve got to check this out. Virtual Reality makes it appear as though you’re right there in the action. The binaural sound adds to the effect. All scenes are shot giving you a 180 degrees giving you the perfect view. The 3D view makes everything come alive right before your eyes. Instead of just watching other people get it on, it’s you getting all the action.

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