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August 31st, 2016


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How to Meet Cougars who know the Game

August 10th, 2016

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In your efforts to meet cougars, it’s very easy to play the game the wrong way. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You basically go into a cougar dating site and you just make a bee line for the best-looking woman there looking for cougars sex. Well, the problem with this is very obvious. You’re not going to be the first guy to find that woman attractive. Chances are you and thousands of other dudes are going to try to bang her. What do you think will happen in that situation?

That’s right. It’s not a mystery. You don’t need to call Sherlock Holmes for this. You’re not going to meet her. The better looking she is, the harder it would be for you. The simple case of supply and demand. When there are lots of guys who demand the same thing and there’s a very limited supply of pussy, your attempts at trying to meet cougars that are worth fucking will meet with failure.

So, how do you change this situation? How do you increase your likelihood of success? Very simple. You need to pay attention to how to meet cougars who know the game. In other words, meet cougars that may not be the best-looking women out there, but they know how the game works. They know the right expectations. They know the right assumptions.

As long as you treat them with a high level of respect and you go into the game with the expectation that you will have fun, chances are things will work out. That’s how you do it.

Maitland Ward In A See Thru Top

August 9th, 2016


American actress Maitland Ward is a girl who obviously likes to get dressed up and hit the town. I think someone maybe should have told her that the dress she was wearing was see-thru, but I’m pretty sure she already knew that. Female celebs these days love causing a stir and if that dress doesn’t do it nothing will.

By the time those photos were taking she was looking a little drunk, I guess that’s why she wasn’t shy about exposing a little skin. They took quite a few pictures of this natural stunner, I’ve been going through them for most of the day, they’re the type of pics that you need to look at more than once.

I think you guys owe it to yourself to see more of this female celeb and those awesome looking boobs. If you think about it who wouldn’t want to see photos of Maitland Ward sporting a see-thru top? I know I sure as hell do!